Calculation of scores

If you have collected data from cattle, pig, or poultry farms according to the Welfare Quality® protocols and you wish to know the scores they result in, please contact us.

You will need to import your data according to a specific format. Click here to download the template. We will give you access rights to this database for import. This costs 600 € for a set of a maximum 100 farms. If you are a member of the Welfare Quality Network, the cost is only 300 €.

If you only want to simulate results from data without storing the results click here.

The data sent to us are included in a communal database. From all the data included in the database, overall statistics are produced. Click here to view statistics. Individual data are provided only to their owners. The owners are those who sent data to us, they are considered the authors of these data. For any use of the data for a scientific investigation by a third party, an authorisation from the owners is requested. If you want to use data from the database, please contact us and we will liaise with their author.